Get your Kayak lit up with SuperNova LED Lights!

Our Super bright LED strips offer the Kayaker many advantages:

  • Safety First! Increased visibility gives you peace of mind that everyone else on the water knows you’re there. You'll be seen for miles!
  • SuperNova Kayak Light Kits are made with super bright LED strips. They are durable, submersible and salt water ready!   

  • Blue strips are bright enough to light structures at casting distance and their UV qualities work well with fluorescent line.
  • Green strips are a bit brighter and attract bait by the net full!
  • Cabin lights can be positioned as task or indirect lighting to help the angler with tying line or bait selection. Blue is easier on your night vision, green is brighter and renders color best.
  • Tank well strips can help with your search for your tackle, rod or frosty beverage.
  • We offer custom lighting solutions. If you have an idea or specific need, or don’t see what you want please request a quote. We’ll make it happen!

(View our Shop page for more information on contents included in each kit.)

Tell Me More!

Our Kayak Light Kits contain adhesive-backed LED Strips (varying in length, per kit).  Lights are often installed along the bow and stern, angled, where they will not interfere with night vision.  Our Extreme Kayak Kit and HPA Extreme Kayak Kit also provide lighting for the Cabin and Tankwell areas of the kayak, providing adequate task lighting.  Our Hull Kayak Kit provides lighting that is to be mounted on the interior of the kayak.  This not only will attract fish, but also provides a unique night kayaking experience.  Wiring for all kits runs into the hull of the kayak, where you attach your switch(es) (included) to your kayak, and wire it to your 12 Volt Sealed Lead Acid Battery (not included).  This provides easy access to your lighting when you need it most.  View our FAQ page and see videos below for more information.  

Tips From the Pros!

  • View a great video here to see the full installation completed by our owner, Dez Davis.  (Video Credit: Mike Garcia)

  • Click here to view a helpful video on basic soldering needed for the installation of the SuperNova Fishing Lights Kayak Kits.  
  • Click here to view a helpful video on properly attaching the lights to your kayak, while ensuring they are straight.  

Proud Partnerships!

*Kayak lights above pictured with depth finder installed and a Drop-in SuperNova Fishing Light positioned 20' away.