The Best LED Fishing Lights Made in the USA!

Get your Kayak lit up with SuperNova LED Fishing Lights!

Our Kayak Kits each include: LED Lighting Strips (between 2 and 10 strips included, depending on the kit chosen) and installation accessories: switch/waterproofing boot, fuse and fuse holder, tie wraps, wire management pads, heat shrink, extra wire and adhesion promoter and instructions (which can also be viewed below).  

A little about choosing the right colors:

-Green will attract the most bait fish and is one of the brightest.  It also renders colors nicely at night.  Definitely the most popular choice.

-Blue is easier on your night vision than green or white.  Our blue LEDs do have some UV properties and react with fluorescent line at casting distance.   A great choice for cabin or exterior lighting.  

-Red is also easy on your night vision and is best at reducing insects, which makes it popular for the cabin area.  

-Whites: Warm White has a yellowish tint to it and Cool White has a blueish tint to it.  Warm White is popular in the cabin area of the kayak.  The Cool White strips are the brightest strips--so we recommend using them only on the stern or in an area where they will be far from obstructing your line of sight.  

-It's all about personal preference- just choose what you like! 

SuperNova Fishing Lights LED strips are made from Waterproof IP68 5050 SMD 60 LEDs/meter strips- so they are extremely bright, while also being energy efficient.  For example, an Extreme Kayak Kit draws approximately 2 amps/hr.  Each LED strip is fully encapsulated and gel-filled; we then attach wiring and seal off each end to ensure a completely waterproof strip of the highest possible quality.  These strips are safe to be installed below the waterline and are safe for use in salt water.

At a Glance... Our kits include the following:
(For full list of what's included, with all color options, check out each kit on our Shop page.)

  • Basic Kayak Kit: 2- 20" Strips; 1 Switch

  • Deluxe Kayak Kit: 2-20" Strips, 2- 10" Strips; 1 Switch

  • Extreme Kayak Kit: 2- 20" Strips, 2- 10" Strips, 4- 4" Strips; 2 Switches

  • PXL Kayak Kit: 2- 20" Strips, 2- 10" Strips, 2- 4" Strips, 4- 4" Warm White Strips; 2 Switches

  • HPA Kayak Kit: 2- 20" Strips, 2- 10" Strips, 1- 10" Strip, 1- 10" Warm White, 2- 6" Warm White Strips; 3 Switches

  • HPA17 Kayak Kit: 2- 20", 2- 10" Strips, 1- 10" Strip, 1- 16" Warm White, 4- 6" Warm White Strips; 4 Switches (Designed for tandem kayaks)

  • Hull Kayak Kit: Choice of either 2- 4ft Strips or 1-10ft Strip; 1 Switch

  • Kayak Front Marker Kit: 1- 4" Red Strip and 1- 4" Green Strip; 1 Switch