The Best LED Fishing Lights Made in the USA!

The Original SuperNova LED Fishing Light!

How do SuperNova Fishing Lights work?
The submerged lights attract the plankton that smaller fish like shad and minnows, or shrimp and menhaden at the coast love to chow on.  The presence of the bait fish attracts the predators that like to feed on them.  Your future dinner will soon be swimming up to your fishing spot to check out the action and have a little dinner themselves.  

Schooling bait fish to draw in predators is much easier than searching for bait.   Just drop down a couple of SuperNovas and the bait comes to you.

These highly durable and energy efficient lights provide an excellent solution for lighting while you're out on the water.  Each SuperNova Fishing Light contains 290 Green 5050 SMD LED lights packed into a 24-inch waterproofed PVC tubing--which makes it fully submersible--and saltwater ready!  

SuperNova LED Fishing Lights are extremely energy efficient, drawing less than 5 amps/hr and have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours--that's a lot of night fishing!  Each light's 18ft. power cord comes equipped with alligator battery clamps on the ends, making it a quick and easy connection.  

Made with super bright LED's, just drop a couple of these down into the water and watch the bait--and your dinner--come to you!  

For some expert tips on installing and enjoying your SuperNovas, click to view the FAQ.


Custom options may be available, such as longer cord lengths and cigarette lighter plugs.  Please Contact Us for more information on custom orders.  

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