The Best LED Fishing Lights Made in the USA!

Get your fishing machine or pleasure craft lit up with SuperNova Boat Lights!

SuperNova Boat Lights truly enhance your nighttime and tournament fishing experience. No more searching for a light to find gear and baits. Just open the locker. Keep track of your rods and equipment on deck easily with dimmable deck and courtesy lighting that gives you total control! That double digit will look awesome coming out of your lit live well!

  • Custom design and professional installation
  • Our LEDs are extremely energy efficient!
  • We can install light strips below the water line and on saltwater boats!
  • We offer Sound-Integrated and Infra-Red Remote controllers.
  • Color-changing LEDs

Choosing the right lights:

Every boat is different, but we do have some general recommendations:

  • 12ft strips are recommended for 14-18ft boats.
  • 16ft strips are recommended for 18-24ft boats.
  • 19ft strips are recommended for 22ft+ boats.
  • 22ft strips are recommended for 25ft+ boats.

For example, we would recommend the following for a 22ft Bay Boat:
  • 2- 16ft Green or Blue Strips on the exterior
  • 4- 10" Blue, Warm White, or Red Strips around the console area 
  • 4" Blue, Warm White, or Red Strips in the rod lockers

Be seen with high-visibility boat and trailer lights

Increase your safety while running at night with Super Bright LED lights. You will be seen for miles! We can install strips externally on your machine to light up docks, shore line and structure for more safety and accurate casting.  We can light up live wells, rod/gear lockers and consoles in additional to rub rails, stern and front marker areas.  

 Drive up, hit a switch, and start fishing with underwater lighting.

Trailer lights make loading and unloading at the ramp easier than ever and make rigging before and after launch a breeze!

 Remote and music controlled Color-Changing Strips!

This sailboat has external Color-Changing strips controlled using IR remote Control. He can select from 16 beautifully rendered solid colors with dimming, fade, flash, strobe and speed control. Each strip is individually controlled so he can select one side Red and the other Green for the most incredible navigation lights ever. This boat is beautiful on the water!! We offer music controllers to add some serious effects!