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Quotes I can not describe how much of a difference the lights are making for me this year. I first got into kayak fishing to give myself a way to get on the water for a couple hours after work in the summer. This is the time of the year the fishing starts to get tough and you really have to be able target the fish when they get most active the SuperNovas have allowed me to do that while staying safe at the same time. Quotes
Nik Brown
June 2013

Quotes I've been very impressed with Supernova lights. I have them on my boat for navigation and bait attraction and general illumination for fishing. The lights (diode) are brighter than anything else on the market and extremely efficient, drawing minimal current, so batteries don't run down. I feel safer while night fishing and boating, and baitfish show up promptly and in massive numbers during nightfishing trips. Supernovas definitely help me catch more fish. Truly a great value. Quotes
Dr. R. Marquis, MD
Great Value!

Quotes A few weeks back I had gotten with Dez on a couple of ideas I had to use the Supernovas from the kayak. I asked for two things. 1. A 50 ft cord 2. A smaller light Dez said no sweat and went to work. A short while later I met up with Dez and he had exactly what I was looking for. In fact, he had two for me, a 24 inch light with a 50 foot cord and a 12 inch light with a 50 foot cord. Both are equally as badass. The 50ft cord allows me to drop the light, back off it and sit back and just rake in the toads. The smaller light is great and compact and is still lights up the world. Bait just swarms to them like flies on poop. It's awesome! Quotes
R. Herzog
Texas Kayak Fisherman

Quotes These lights bring all the fish to my boat. All of them. Quotes
Tim D
satisfied fishing nut

Quotes "I really wanted to upgrade my boat lighting. I looked around for solutions and opted to go with LED lights and chose Dez with SuperNova fishing lights. They also installed white LED's at the rear sponsons for more visibility as a safety factor. They look GREAT ! Very clean install, done quickly and you can see these things from a LONG way off. Very reasonably priced as well. Dez and Lance do a fantastic job. I'll be getting more work done by them for sure !! " Quotes
Temple T.
I'll Be Back!!

Quotes Thank You SuperNova for getting my Basscat lit up. The lights look great and with the extra light I know I will safer out on the lakes at night. Lance did a great install and only took a couple of hours. I look forward to getting the deck lights, storage and live wells done soon! Thank Again, Gary Brownell Quotes
Gary Brownell
BassCat Owner

Quotes "Over the last 25 years I have used just about every light on the market for night fishing. I was never happy with the light brightness to energy usage ratio until I started using Supernova lights. I run two Supernova lights at night off one battery, and can go 8 hours with no energy issues. Whether I am going after crappie, catfish, or white bass, I will not fish at night unless I have my Supernova lights on the boat." John Ward, American Badass Quotes
John Ward
Gotta Have Em!! - American Badass