The Best LED Fishing Lights Made in the USA!


Fishing Lights

  1. Why use LED Fishing Lights?

    LED is affordable, bright, durable, and extremely efficient - drawing less on your batteries and keeping you on the water longer.

  2. How long do LED fishing lights last?

    LEDs have a lamp life in the 50,000 hour range. That’s a lot of night fishing.

  3. How long will a light last on one battery?

    One of our fishing lights draws 4.75 amps. If you have a 100amp hour battery, divide the 100 by 4.75 and you get over 20 hours of constant run time. 


  4. Why green lights?

    I only have green LED lights in stock. I’ve seen that green LED light works better in the lake and coastal waters I fish but I will build custom LED lights with white or blue upon request with some lead time. There’s some science behind the green LED lights. Here’s information about why I love the green lights best … and some Norwegians studying their fisheries.


  5. How many LED lights do I need?

    It depends. A smaller boat might need just one. If you have a larger boat and more fishing buddies with you, more might be necessary. A pair of lights, submerged too far away from each other will create a more dispersed school. You want the school concentrated to attract the game fish so we suggest the lights be placed about 5 to 8 feet apart.


  6. What are the specifications of a SuperNova Fishing Light

    Our SuperNova LED fishing light is constructed using 290 green 5050 SMD LED lights encased in waterproof PVC. The light is powered using submersible marine-grade cabling. They are internally weighted and are easily submerged and adjusted to the desired depth. The lights are 24” long x 2.25” in diameter and shipped stock with 18’ cords terminated with battery clamps. I can install cigarette lighter plugs upon request at material costs. I will build custom lengths at the additional cost of materials as well. We also offer a 110v adaptor for use on docks or where house power is available.


  7. How long are the cords?

    The lights come standard with 18 feet, but can be made with custom lengths for different purposes, or for you fellas with big boats.


  8. What maintenance is necessary?

    Because of our quality waterproof construction, the only maintenance you need to do is rinse them after use (in saltwater) and occasionally clean the clear plastic housing with rubbing alcohol. A little CorrosionX or equivalent on the cable connection is recommended to prevent corrosion.


  9. Can I plug them in at the dock?

    Yes. You will need our SuperNova 110 to 12 volt transformer – you cannot plug these directly into a standard wall outlet without the transformer. Available here


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Ordering your Lights

  1. How long will it take for me to get my LED light(s)?

    Depending on our stock, you will usually get your light(s) delivered in 5-12 days. We ship twice weekly and will ship your light(s) as soon as possible. We like to get you your lights to you before the next weekend, so you can get on the water with them as soon as possible!


  2. What if I'm not satisfied with my SuperNova LED light(s)?

    All of our lights have a 30 day money-back guarantee!* If you are not satisfied with your SuperNova LED Fishing Light(s), you may return them for your money back within 30 days, less shipping. Please email us in advance to let us know that you are returning the item. You will be refunded through PayPal. The Purchaser is responsible for return shipping to us. We will email you shipping and return information. Make sure that you pack your SuperNova LED Fishing Light well and include your PayPal receipt and contact phone number. This money-back guarantee does not cover damage to the unit caused by accident, misuse or abuse.


    *Please be aware that all CUSTOM orders are final sales--no returns. (We will, of course, honor the warranty)*


  3. What is the warranty on the SuperNova LED light(s)?

    SuperNova LED Fishing Lights are covered by a limited 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defects or component failure. This warranty is non-transferable. You must be the original purchaser and also send a copy of your PayPal receipt from the date of purchase.

    We use high quality components to make our SuperNova LED Fishing Lights. In the unlikely event of component failure, your SuperNova LED Fishing Light will be replaced or repaired FREE of charge during the warranty period. The Purchaser is responsible for return shipping to us. This warranty does not cover damage to the unit caused by accident, misuse or abuse.

    If your unit fails and you need to send it in for warranty, contact us here. Please include a contact phone number. We will email you shipping and warranty return information.

    Make sure that you pack your SuperNova LED Fishing Light well and include your PayPal receipt and contact phone number. Once we receive your SuperNova LED Fishing Light, the unit will be inspected and repaired, or replaced once the reason for failure is determined to be a manufacturing or component defect.

    If the unit has been found to be misused, the DAMAGE is not covered by this warranty.  SuperNova will email the purchaser with costs of the necessary repairs. The Manufacturer/Designer/Seller of this product is not responsible for any Injury or Death to persons or Damage to property caused by the use of this product. Take all boating and safety precautions when using this product.

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Custom Lighting Installs

  1. What colors are available?

    Most of them! We have weather-resistant color changing strips that cycle through 16 different hues... if you want single color, we generally have green, white and blue in stock - but other colors are available from our suppliers. Just contact us and we'll let you know all the possibilities!

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Kayak Light Kits

  1. How many hours do the kayak lights run and what type of battery do I need?

     The Basic Kayak Kit draws approximately 1amp-hr. 

    The Deluxe Kayak Kit draws approximately 1.5 amp-hrs. 

    The Extreme Kayak Kit draws approximately 2 amp-hrs.

    We recommend at least an 18 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery (like a deer feeder battery)--with the Extreme Kayak Kit, that would give you approximately 9 hours of solid fishing time.  Obviously, if you are running multiple LED strips and you have other items hooked up, such as GPS or fish finders, or if you plan to fish for a couple of nights in a row without recharging your battery, you may want to choose a larger battery.  

  2. Are the Kayak Lights easy to install?

    The lighting kits do require some basic knowledge in eletrical work and soldering.  We do encourage you to read the installation instructions thoroughly before beginning.  You can view and download the SuperNova Kayak Lights Installation PDF here.  

    As always, feel free to Contact Us if you have any additional questions before, during or after installation.  

  3. How many lumens do our lights emit?

    SuperNova LED Strips emit approximately 3400 lumens per 16-ft. strip.  That's approximately 212 lumens per foot.  They're extremely bright!

  4. What are the specifications of our LED strips?

    The vast majority of our LED strips are SMD 5050 IP68 with 60 LEDs per meter.   One exception being in our HPA Extreme Kayak Kit-- We inlcude 1- 16" Warm White LED strip which contains 30 LEDs per meter and designed for cabin lighting.  

    Our Trailer Kits also use 30 LED per meter strips.  

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