Upcoming Events:

SuperNova Fishing Lights is proud to support LSS!

  • Canyon Lake - February 28, 2015 (Tournament #1)
  • Lake Belton - March 28, 2015 (Tournament #2)
  • Lake Buchanan - May 2, 2015 (Tournament #3)
  • Lake Buchanan - May 3, 2015 (Heroes on the Water Day)
  • Cedar Creek Reservoir -Date TBA (Tournament #4 and Family Day)
  • Lake Buchanan - September 26-27, 2015 (Championship Tournament)

SuperNova Fishing Lights is proud to support KATS!

  • SuperNova products will be offered as prizes at each of the 10 tournaments.  Come check us out! 

Choosing the right lights for you: 

Whether you're an avid fisherman or just like to casually hang out on the dock, SuperNova can help you come up with the perfect lighting solution. Many of our customers travel to different fishin spots with our 24" underwater LED fishing lights. Other customers are looking for that perfect night-boating experience and we help them light up their boat for fishing and fun. However, if you're looking to make your patio more exciting at night, we outfit many Central Texas residents with custom fishing piers and boat-dock lights. All solutions are custom tailored to fit your needs. 

If you have any questions about our fishing lights or custom installs, please contact us. We'll be glad to help. 

How do LED night fishing lights work?

It’s pretty simple. Small organisms make up the menu for larger organisms, which in turn feed still larger organisms. The submerged lights attract the plankton that smaller fish like shad, and minnows, or shrimp and menhaden at the coast love to chow on, and the presence of the bait fish attracts the predators that like to feed on them…your game fish. Your future dinner will soon be swimming up to your fishing spot to check out the action and have a little dinner themselves.

A good fisherman does not need to understand the absorption of light waves and their effect on zooplankton to understand or to appreciate the power of schooling bait fish. The experienced angler knows that if you locate good quantities of bait you will locate predators. This technique is a bit easier than searching for bait. Just drop down a couple of SuperNovas and the bait comes to you.

We're always willing to answer questions and talk about fishing and the techniques we use to be successful with your lights. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page and if you don’t find what you’re looking for please contact us for for more information.

"These lights have completely changed how we catch bait. Just anchor up, hit the switch and the bait comes to you. No more casting my net 100 times to fill my 50gal live well!"


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"SuperNova are the best fishing lights I've ever used! These lights put fish in the boat!"

- Dr. Robert Marquis

"Put a SuperNova in the water, drop your bait and hold on!"

- Robert Hocher

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